Residential lending

We offer lending expertise across residential bridging, refurbishment, and buy-to-let, alongside our offerings in the commercial and development sectors.

We partner with brokers, working closely to help clients navigate complex cases that often fall outside mainstream lending criteria. Our specialist expertise, streamlined processes and flexible approach mean we can approach the unconventional with confidence. We specialise in:

Residential bridging loans (regulated)

Supporting brokers

We go out of our way to make the lending process as pain-free as possible for
brokers and their clients.

Non-bank lender

We’re not a bank, and have discretionary capital. This enables us to accommodate clients, move quickly and deliver.

Specialist lender

We lend across niche sectors, bringing best practice, good compliance and strong governance.

Flexible approach

As market and client requirements change, we change with them, always tailoring loans to individuals.

Regional coverage

Our Business Development Managers (BDMs) offer regional expertise, with local teams including credit and sales. We also use valuers with local knowledge.

Focus on speed

We work in line with each client’s completion date, using refined processes, synced-up teams and a dedicated case manager.

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Residential bridging

Residential bridging loans

We’re on hand if a client urgently requires finance. Or they may have long-term refinancing in place,
but need more time before their other lender is ready. Our bridging loans can be used for:

  • Auction purchases.
  • Short-term borrowing.
  • Buying an asset quickly.



From rate (p.m.)


max. LTV


months term

Residential bridging regulated

Residential bridging loans (regulated)

We can provide a loan on a property that your client lives in, or plans to live in. If a client can’t sell before
completing a new purchase, or is unable to access traditional finance quickly, we’re on hand to help:

  • Can be used for auction purchases.
  • Allows time to refinance to a mainstream lender.
  • Permits an onward purchase before sale of the existing home.
  • Interest payments can be ‘rolled on top’ of the loan.



from rate (p.m.)


max. LTV


months term


Refurbishment loans

We provide clarity on refurbishment, defining it as any work within an existing structure. We’re clear on lending terms too,
always covering 100% of the build and loan up to 70% of gross development value. Our refurbishment loans can help with:

  • Converting a house into flats.
  • Converting a commercial to residential usage.
  • Full internal reworking of a house needing more than TLC.



From rate (p.m.)


max. LTC


month term

Buy to Let Lending

Buy to Let Lending

Our specialist team will take the time to understand your landlord’s portfolio, then using a combination of
qualifying criteria we provide simple Buy To Let loans that aim to be the right fit to help your landlord

  • Short-term lets allowed​
  • First-time buyers
  • Foreign Nationals​
  • Off shore companies​
  • Trusts


Up to

75% LTV

Loans from just


Rates from


Case studies

Case studies

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