Care homes

The UK needs modern, fit-for-purpose care homes. Working with operators and our in-house clinical assurance team, we’re helping to deliver them.

We’re a leading investor in the UK’s long-term social care infrastructure. With an established health and care real estate investment platform, we manage a portfolio of over 60 modern, purpose-built care homes. We strive to create exceptional facilities that you’d choose for your loved ones, investing in best-in-class care homes that can also be a catalyst for positive change and impact in a community.

What we offer

Investment and financing

  • Long-term financing as a specialist investor and engaged landlord.
  • Sale & leaseback, forward funding or forward investment.
  • Strategic partnerships often including multiple deals with operators across multiple homes.


  • Sourcing land in ideal locations for care homes.
  • Working closely with architects, planners and designers.
  • Actively involved in planning, attending events and engaging with communities.
  • Providing development finance


  • Bringing the capacity to take the strain and ensure a stress-free build for partners.
  • Applying extensive experience in negotiating all aspects of building, starting with planning applications.
  • Working throughout the building process to ensure high standards and regulations are met.


  • Understanding operators and deals as part of governance through our in-house clinical assurance team.
  • Providing advice, guidance and hands-on support for property management or home operations.
  • Encouraging sharing of best practice via events with expert speakers including our Quality Care Forum.

Case studies

Working together with operators we can deliver better experiences for care home residents, staff and local communities,
along with results for investors. Take a look at some of the care homes we have helped to create.

Connect with our specialists

We’re looking to partner with operators who share our values and provide quality care. If you’re seeking to grow your portfolio of homes, please get in touch with our team.