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About us

We’re a real estate specialist with a simple aim: to support our partners and the UK property market.

Our story

Octopus Real Estate is a leading specialist real estate investor, with a team of 90 professionals. We provide award-winning finance for UK property investment and development.

We have over £3.7 billion under management on behalf of institutional and retail investors, with a focus on the property lending and healthcare sectors.

The property lending team provides bespoke, customer-focused financing solutions across the residential, commercial and development sectors. The team has lent more than £6.4 billion across over 4,700 loans, providing competitively priced financing throughout the UK and spanning the property investment lifecycle, with loans typically ranging from £100,000 to £50 million. The healthcare team manages over £1.8 billion of investments, with a focus on care homes and retirement communities – sectors requiring significant investment given the UK’s ageing population. The team also creates strategic partnerships with leading healthcare operators, to deliver exceptional healthcare facilities you’d choose for your loved ones.

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Cornerstones of our approach

Customer care

It’s at the heart of everything we do. As part of Octopus, what unites us is our belief that people deserve better. We put customers first, working to solve problems, take care of people and look after the planet. We aim to work with those who share our values, and are as obsessed with the customer experience as we are.

Extensive support

We provide support over the entire lifecycle of real estate. For lending this covers land acquisition, development, and commercial and residential lets. Within investment it runs from sourcing, planning permission and development of land, to long-term financing of assets, and supporting and monitoring facilities.

Long-term commitment

Our focus is on building longstanding relationships with brokers, investors, operators, developers, industry partners and professional bodies. Our team supports the delivery of much more than just a building. We work with companies that will lead on better services for the UK. We help create scale for our partners and continue to support them over time.

ESG considerations

Sustainability is fundamental for us. We partner with those who are also committed to buildings that can work in our world, including through design and energy usage. These can have a positive social impact, from better customer experiences to job creation. Strong governance ensures solid processes, with monitoring against environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. For healthcare facilities, our clinical assurance team also provides ongoing support.

Proud to be a B Corp

Being a B Corp means our social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency have been assessed and certified. We strongly believe that there is no trade-off between ‘doing good’ and making money, and our business can pursue purpose as well as profit. We care about how we do business.

Our portfolio

Institutional investors

Alternative investments, including those in key real estate sectors, provide exciting opportunities to meet impact and ESG objectives. Institutional investors can find new routes with us. Bringing access to specialist markets, we take a selective approach. We manage over £2 billion of funds across care homes, retirement communities and commercial real estate debt.

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