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Hanging On Holds Back Change

21 Mar 2018 By Octopus Real Estate

It can be difficult trying to book an appointment at your local GP surgery. With demand higher than ever before, GPs and healthcare professionals are trying their hardest to see as many people as possible, but there is a limit to how much they can do in their current facilities.

We recently conducted some research which found that out of 2,035 respondents, 36% said that they went without seeing their GP in the past 12 months because they could not get through on the telephone to make an appointment. Our research also found that this varies by location, with areas such as Birmingham, Plymouth and Cardiff being affected the most – 48% of people in Birmingham went without seeing their GP because they couldn’t get through on the phone, 40% of people in Plymouth and 40% of people in Cardiff had the same issue.

We believe that current technology is leaving a gap in the provision of healthcare and is just one set of pressures on our health system. Countrywide, many GP’s surgeries are in ageing premises that are no longer fit for purpose, but by working with us, we believe that we can show healthcare in a different light.

Our beloved healthcare system lies at the heart of the UK and its lifesaving work is unwavering, so it’s important that we support our healthcare professionals where we can.

What can be done to help? Merging GP practices together on a local level into new, modern, quality buildings is one major solution. Bigger, better buildings will help attract and retain staff, offer better technology, such as booking systems, so patients can get through on the phone, and ultimately help cut waiting lists and improve the range and quality of service.

Purpose built surgeries are more efficient places to work and enable GPs and nurses to provide healthcare for the local community whilst letting partners look after the bricks and mortar. We believe that better technology combined with better buildings make a real difference to people’s health and wellbeing.

Working hand in hand with healthcare professionals and the NHS, we believe in a brighter healthcare future and are committed to supporting the UK’s healthcare system. For more examples of how we’re working with primary care providers, click here